Friday, October 28, 2011

Update on Bryce

Yesterday was the day. We had an appointment with Dr. Fusek who is a pyschcologist in Corvallis that specialises in behavioral therapy. When they called me a few weeks back to set up the appointment, I was told that we would be there for about 4 hours. At first the doctor would meet with Ryan and I and discuss some concerns, then she would meet with Bryce and talk with him for up to 3 hours!!!! So paperwork was sent in the mail, one form for us to fill out and one form for his teacher. These forms were questions about how Bryce deals with certain situations, anxiety issues, ADHD questions, and much more. When we first went to the pediatrician we were also given forms, again one for us and one for his teacher. When we sat down with Dr. Zollinger we noticed that alot of our answers were different from Bryce's teacher. I was concerned and still am, mostly because his teacher said that Bryce sometimes feels sad and unhappy at school. That was so hard for me to read, it makes me want to pull him straight out of school and never let him feel that way again. So when we first arrived at the clinic, we went into Dr. Fusek's office while Bryce played in the play room. We talked with her for about 30 minutes, she asked mostly the same questions that were on the form. I explained my concerns. I said my major concern is how emotional he is. He will cry about anything and everything. Another big concern, is that Bryce does not get happy or excited about what most 6 year olds so be excited about. Like going to the pumpkin patch, he didn't want to go, but while we were there he had a great time, when we left he said it wasn't fun and he just wanted to go home. His famous words "I want to go home!" Also when he has playdates he will play by himself instead of playing with the other kids. Like I told Dr. Zollinger and Dr. Fusek, Bryce is our first child, so I have no one else to compare to. How do you know that another 6 year old that is walking down the street is "normal" and your son is not? As I was explaining these things to her, she did point out that it wasn't normal for kids at his age to not get excited about things, that from what she gathered there is something going on. She said that it is not a clean cut case, there is not one diagnosis that sticks out from what she is hearing and reading. It sounds more like a potential of a few different things. So after about 3 1/2 hours at her office, Bryce came out and she said that everything went well and we will come back in a few weeks for a follow up appointment. At that time she will go over everything that she put together and what her recommendation. I am praying daily that whatever the outcome is, Bryce will get better. You have no idea how much it pains me to see Bryce this way. I just want my baby to be ok. As a mom you want your kids to have the best life possible. I want him to enjoy life, not be afraid of it.

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