Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We were so excited to take Greyson to his first pumpkin patch this year! We decided to go to Fir Point Farms, which is located up in Aurora. They had pony rides, a petting zoo, hay rides, slides, corn cannons, and much more. Greyson was in love with all the animals, he is obsessed with any animal of any kind. At one point we were looking at a mama pig who had 5 piglets with her, Greyson was walking back and forth along the cage, when all of the sudden he turns around to this complete stranger and lifts his arms up, as if the guy needed to hold him (so much for stranger anxiety!) We all laughed and the guy (who I am assuming does not have children) picked him up and held him out in front of him as if he had the worst smelling diaper in the world. It was hilarious! We went through a small sunflower maze, and Bryce found our way out, he was so proud of himself. Then it was on to the 5 acre corn maze. The first 20 minutes of this was fun and exciting as we all went through the muddy path, then after about 30 minutes it was getting a little much. Greyson was tired and kept falling down in the mud, then I would stay behind with him so he could pick up dirt and look at the corn, and of course I would be lost and not able to find Ryan and Bryce so I would call out to them, and Bryce would start to get worried, thinking I was lost! Right towards the end Bryce finally yells out, "this is enough, someone give me a MAP!" Finally I used my compass and just kept heading West, and we were out of there!!! It was a great family day, after buying some pumpkin and apple cider donuts, pumpkin bread, a half gallon of apple cider and 3 pumpkins we were on the home stretch. Here are some photos from our adventure.

 This was Bryce's victory after getting us out of the sunflower maze!
 Ryan and Bryce shooting the corn cannon
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