Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Youngest

Where to start with this little monkey. Little Greyson is such a tiny little person, it seems like he never grows, although his growth charts do continue to go up. We think he is going to be really smart like his older brother, he seems to just catch on so quickly. He was a bigger mover from the start. Within the first few weeks of having him home he was already doing 360 degree turns in his crib, or scooting himself from one side to the next. So of course he started crawling by 6 months and was up on his own walking at 9 months!!! He was never my baby, he quickly refused to let us hold him or cuddle with him, it's so not fair!!!!!!!! On the other hand I am happy about this because I want that for my children, I want this to learn to do things on their own, to explore and have fun. He is constantly talking (as long as the binkie is out of his mouth), saying new words on a daily basis. He loves story time, mickey mouse, seasame street, he says lalalala for elmos world, blues clues, chuck and friends, cheese, bananas, yogurt, he will always try something once, but won't eat it again if you try, he is too smart for that. He will be 2 in May 2012 and I just can't believe it, I miss my baby.

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