Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Photos

Today we had our first family photos since  Bryce was about 9 months old. Really people I need to be more on top of this!!!! It's hard when you have a camera and you just take pictures as life goes on, and never really worry about getting your entire family in a picture. But I decided it was time, although Ryan wasn't too happy about the idea, since he hates having his picture taken, we did it anyway! Of course I was so worried that our oldest would be the one that we would have to deal with not smiling, or pouting, or what he does best (fold his arms together and put out his bottom lip!) Well I was wrong, Greyson was HORRIBLE!!!! He was a crab cake from the time we pulled in to the time we made it home and he went to bed!!! Thankfully the lady who did our pictures has 6 kids and she understood. And people wonder why I wait so long to get this stuff done!!!!!

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  1. love these pics! so cute! and those autumn leaves are amazing! :)